About Brough Biomass Wood Fuels

Our bulk blown and bagged wood pellets

We source our wood pellets from the best suppliers. This allows us to be confident that the quality and service is first class at all times.

The wood pellets are a premium quality wood pellet manufactured from Virgin feedstock sourced from sustainable forests.

  • Compliant with RHI
  • Clean Burning
  • Derived from 100% Virgin soft wood
  • 6 mm premium quality wood pellet fuel
  • Our Woodlets are ENplus A1 certified

Bulk Blown or 10Kg Bags

10kg bags from one bag or full pallets. Our most popular size is 10Kg bags (98 x 10Kg bags, total weight per pallet 1000Kg).


Here at Brough we can recommend a boiler installer with a proven record, we also have the expertise to carry out any groundwork and civil engineering works that may be required, for example, if you need a concrete base to site your fuel store or need the trenching work done for installing the heat main our construction arm is more than capable of these activities, visit our website at www.broughconstruction.co.uk

So if you are looking for bulk blown or bagged wood pellets in Preston, Clitheroe, Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire or Merseyside then call Brough Wood Pellets today on 01995 604124 or email us on info@woodpelletsales.co.uk

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